Saturday December 5, 2009
Brake/Rudder Pedal Assembly (Forward Fuselage)
5.2 Hours

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I continued working on the two brake pedals. I finished drilling them, primed the angles, countersunk the rivet holes, and riveted everything together. Two completed brake pedals...

Next, I found the appropriate hardware and hinged the pedals into the steel rudder pedal assemblies.

I drilled out the end bushings and drilled bolt holes for the bushings into the auxiliary longerons. This required a trip to the hardware store for a #10 drill bit for drilling the UHMV plastic. You would normally use a #12 bit for 3/16" bolts, but the plastic tends to bind on the bolts a bit, so the hole has to be slightly larger.

Then, I bolted the assembly into the forward fuselage and installed the center bushing and bushing support bracket. Remember, everything is still upside-down on the fuselage.

Here's a close-up of the bushing and support bracket in the center.

Only thing left now is to drill the brake pedals for the holes that attach the master cylinders.

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