Saturday December 19, 2009
Various Fuselage Prep Tasks (Fuselage)
7.6 Hours

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I deburred and dimpled all of the holes in the center section that contact the F-770 side skin and the F-715 side seat rib.

I finished deburring and dimpling the two F-715 side seat ribs and then primed them.

I removed the forward half of the F-704 bulkhead and installed these bolts to nowhere. These holes are used for a gear attach point on the RV-7A model.

Next, I installed nutplates in the F-715 side seat ribs.

Then, I finally trimmed the aft ends of the longerons per the spec. I neglected to do this way back when I was first preparing them.

I countersunk both longerons...that took a while!

After a break for grocery shopping and supper, I got back in the shop and removed the F-706 bulkhead from the aft fuselage and deburred and dimpled the holes in it.

Finally, I deburred and dimpled all of the longeron, side skin, and bottom skin holes in the aft fuselage.

I'm getting close to being able to reassemble the fuselage for the last time!

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