Sunday December 20, 2009
Primed Longerons, Started Fuselage Reassembly (Fuselage)
5.5 Hours

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First thing today, I moved the longerons outside and primed them.

I also primed the aluminum flange on the bottom of the firewall.

While the primer was drying, I rolled the edges of the side and bottom skins where they would have a lap (overlap) joint with another skin.

Then, I started on some of the riveting that happens before the fuselage is reassembled. I riveted the little corner gussets to the lower firewall.

I riveted F-704H doubler plates to the F-770 side skins with the specified rivets only.

Here's the back side... these rivets would be nearly impossible to set once the skins are installed, due to interference with the F-704 bulkhead.

I riveted the little angle brackets to the forward stiffeners.

Then, I moved the center section down onto the floor and riveted the F-715 side seat ribs to the bottom center skin. I did it solo, but the rivets came out great.

Then, I set the interior 1/8" rivets that attach the F-715 side seat ribs to the F-705 bulkhead, installed the bolt that goes through the F-705 rear spar doubler, and riveted some of the rivets from the F-623.

Finally, it was time to start putting big pieces back together! I cleco'd the longerons into the aft fuselage and turned it over.

Then, Emily helped me lift the center section into place and get it cleco'd. I installed the side skins by myself. They went into alignment much easier this time again. I think the dimples help.

I started installing all of the forward elements, which required a small amount of riveting here and there.

The last thing I did tonight was to install these four bolts on each side that attach the lower longeron to the firewall.

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