Tuesday April 20, 2010
Riveted Aft Deck, Started on Side Rails and Gusset
(1.3 Hours Aft Fuselage, 1.8 Hours Center Fuselage)
3.0 Hours Total

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I riveted the aft deck on this evening. I was able to squeeze most of the rivets, but did have to shoot/buck a few. It came out fine.

Then, later, I started working on the canopy side rails and gussets. I didn't trim the side rails back when I drilled them to the longerons, so I did that first.

Yay, looks good.

Then, I cut the hole in the gusset, cleco'd it in place, and drilled it to the side rail and longeron.

Another shot...

Gratuitous shot of the whole thing.

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