Monday April 26, 2010
Fitted Aft and Forward Top Skins (Fuselage)
2.3 Hours

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After checking that the flanges on the bulkheads were appropriately bent and taping the top two J-stringers in place, I dug the top skins out from under the bed and cleco'd the aft one in place.

Then, I got a bit excited and cleco'd the forward top skin on as well.

Looks cool!

Unfortunately, I was getting ahead of myself, so I took off the forward skin and carefully drilled the stringers to the aft skin. It would have been impossible to reach in and align the stringers with the forward skin in place.

Then, I put the forward skin back on and finished drilling the stringers, the bulkheads, and the stiffener between F-706 and F-707.

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