Sunday May 2, 2010
Deburred, Dimpled Top Fuse Skins, Started on Baggage Skins (Fuselage)
7.4 Hours

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I deburred and dimpled the forward top fuselage skin.

...and the rear top fuselage skin.

Also, the F-787 rib and the J-channel stringers.

As well as the bulkheads.

And cleco'd everything back together. This won't get riveted together for a good long while, though. We leave it open for access.

Later, I deburred and dimpled the canopy side rails and the longeron on the left side.

I noticed in Chad Jensen's build log that he had the presence of mind to install the rudder cables before riveting on the baggage side walls, so I did the same.

Then, I cleco'd on the aft side and bottom baggage skins on the right side and drilled what needed to be drilled.

After the appropriate deburring and dimpling, I riveted the side skin in place.

And finally, I riveted the right bottom baggage area skin in place.

Whew! That was a long day.

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