Saturday May 8, 2010
Baggage Tunnel Cover, Baggage Side Skins, Seat Pans (Center Fuselage)
2.6 Hours

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I deburred the F-748 baggage area tunnel cover and screwed it in place.

Then, I trimmed the two F-749 baggage side covers and riveted the two nutplates.

And cleco'd them in...

Then, I got to work on the seats. First task: trim a bunch of hinges.

Then: remove the center two eyelets of each hinge.

I measured and drilled the first hinge in place on one of the rear seat pans.

And then drilled the other two. You install three hinges here so that the seat back can be adjusted to one of the three settings. Of course, I'm 6'5" tall, so I'll be using the most rearward setting for the pilot side!

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