Sunday May 16, 2010
Seat Floors and Backs (Center Fuselage)
5.6 Hours

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I started, this morning, by deburring the forward seat floors.

Cleco'd them in...

...and then screwed them down.

Next on the list: seat backs. I cut these four angles to length. These form the sides of the seat backs.

I trimmed the ends as drawn.

I also cut these four angles that stiffen the backs at the top and bottom.

Six hinge segments cut to length.

Then, I carefully started drilling the seat back together. None of this is pre-punched.

And here's the right-hand seat back completely drilled.

I just had to set it in the fuselage. Looks neat! This thing still needs its back brace (that holds it off the F-705 bulkhead) and some assembly.

These things require a lot of care with measuring and drilling--which takes a while. It makes me fully appreciate all of the pre-punched parts of this kit.

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