Friday May 28, 2010
Drilled F-782C Center Cabin Cover, Fab'd F-782D Angles, Drilled F-7114-R Gusset (Forward Fuselage)
1.9 Hours

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The first thing I did this evening was to carefully mark and drill the center cabin cover to the floor stiffeners. The cover is removeable and is attached to the fuel valve cover, floor stiffeners, and firewall recess with screws.

I also drilled it to the firewall recess.

Then, I fabricated two F-782D angle pieces. These support the outboard ends of the two F-782A forward cover plates.

Next, I drilled the right F-7114 gusset to the side skin. Shown here are the undersized #40 holes. I enlarged these to 3/16" for the bolts.

And finally, I installed and torqued the bolts that attach it permanently. The empty bolt holes on the other side of the gusset will eventually be filled by the close tolerance bolts that connect the wing spars to the fuselage.

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