Sunday May 30, 2010
More Electric Flap System (Center Fuselage)
2.0 Hours

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First thing today, I cut the F-680 center bearing block in half.

Then, I bolted the flap actuator weldment in place and drilled through the F-680 block into the seat pans and bulkhead.

I notched the F-748 baggage tunnel cover so it can be removed without removing the entire flap system.

I trimmed and bent this F-767 plate.

I drilled and riveted the F-758 flap actuator bracket to the F-766A flap actuator channel. I also installed all of the nutplates on the F-766A.

Finally, I drilled the F-766C to the F-766A and primed it. I also drilled the F-785B angle to the F-785A backrest brace and primed it.

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