Monday May 31, 2010
Continued Flap Subsystem... (Fuselage)
2.8 Hours

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This morning, I riveted the F-766C plate to the F-766A channel.

I riveted the F-785B angle to the bottom of the F-785A backrest channel.

Then, I drilled the F-767 attach plate to both the F-705 bulkhead and the F-766 channel.

I riveted the F-767 to the F-766A channel and installed the nutplates.

I temporarily removed the flap actuator weldment and installed the nutplates that hold the F-680 center bearing block in place. Then, I reinstalled and torqued the weldment and blocks.

Then, I screwed the F-766A into the fuselage (although I took this picture with the clecos still in place).

Finally, using my car battery, I figured out where the half way point is on the flap motor and ran it out to that point.

Somewhere in there, I also cut the little F-766D spacer for the flap motor bolt.

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