Friday May 15, 2020
Attached R flap (Mating Wings)
3.0 Hours

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Today I got to work installing the R flap. First, I removed the center three hinge eyes to allow for pin removal.

Then I clamped the R flap into position and drilled the hinge pin to the wing.

I riveted the hinge to the wing and bent the hinge pins so they can later be safety'd to the wing.

I spent some time filing the top skin on the L flap where it is rubbing the side of the fuselage. Still work to do on this to increase the gap, but it's not rubbing any more.

Finally, I started working on the flap pushrods, but quickly realized that I need a #3 drill and a 1/4-28 tap before I can attach them. It's frustrating how many little things I'm waiting for package delivery to finish.

I cleaned up the shop and called it a day.

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