Saturday May 16, 2020
Flap Pushrods (Mating Wings)
3.8 Hours

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Today, the tap and drill for the flap pushrods arrived, so I got to work finishing them. I drilled a 5/16" hole in a 2x4" to hold the tubing and then drilled the #3 hole in the end.

Then I laboriously tapped both ends of each pushrod, which took quite a while, but the threads came out straight and looking very good.

Both done!

Then I worked on enlarging and shaping the hole where the pushrod exits the fuselage to attach to the flap on the L side.

This took a while, but with a good result in the end.

Here's a shot from the inside...with the flap fully retracted, essentially all of the pushrod is inside the fuselage.

Then I worked some more on the gap between the fuselage side and the flap top skin.

Next the same thing on the right wing.

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