Sunday May 31, 2020
Pitot Mast, Right Wing Platenuts (Wings)
4.0 Hours

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I carefully created the hole for my aluminum pitot tube mast that I got from SafeAir ages ago. Fits great.

Unfortunately, the mast is cracked at the weld line, so I'll need a new one. This is not something I would have installed permanently now, though, so no big deal.

That's the left wing done for now. Back up in the cradle on the wall it goes.

Separated the right wing from the fuselage.

I installed as many of the platenuts as I could, but I'm short several, so I'll have to wait for the packages to arrive.

Dimpled the wing root fairings and sanded smooth the skin edges.

I also flared the fuel lines where they will attach to the fuel tanks.

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