Saturday April 3, 2021
Crotch Strap Brackets (Center Fuselage)
3.0 Hours

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The weather is improving and I no longer need to park my car in the garage to avoid snow storms, so it's airplane building time! I got the fuselage down out of the rafters yesterday.

Today, I worked on the crotch strap brackets, which I had started a long time ago and never finished. I stared at the seat pans and the bracket instructions for a few minutes.

I had already drilled the holes between the brackets and the seat ribs, so I cleco'd the brackets in place with a 1/8" spacer between them and drilled the holes from the seat pans into the bracket flanges.

Then I debur'd, prep'd, and primed all four of the brackets.

I installed the eight nut plates.

And then blind riveted the brackets in place between the seat ribs.

My blind rivet tool fell apart at one point and I had to figure out how to reassemble it, which took a little while.

Looks good...

These brackets serve as a point to bolt the crotch portion of the harness.

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