Sunday April 4, 2021
Side Channel Covers, Cabin Frame Roll Bar
(1.0 Hours Cabin Frame, 1.0 Hours Center Fuselage)
2.0 Hours Total

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I had noticed these side channel covers hadn't been drilled or deburred, so I did that. I won't rivet them into place until much later (to make it easier to run wiring), but I can paint them now if I want.

Then I installed all of the removable covers in the cabin with clecos just so I can get a better sense of what will need to be painted and what won't.

Looks nice with everything in place.

Then I started working on the cabin frame. There is a very beefy roll bar where the tip up canopy joins to the cabin frame and these channels are part of it.

You start by drilling 1 1/2" diameter holes in the aft channel pieces. This was a little more challenging than I expected because there were tooling holes very close to, but not exactly aligned with, where I wanted the center of the holes I was creating. They came out okay in the end.

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