Thursday April 8, 2021
Cabin Frame Roll Bar Drilling (Cabin Frame)
2.2 Hours

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Tonight I remeasured the height and width dimensions, which were both correct. Then, I drilled the F-631E splice plate to the aft channels.

Came out nicely and avoided the tooling holes.

Then I started fitting the F-631B inner strap.

It required a lot of filing to snug it into the radius of the channel.

Then I painstakingly marked for holes in the inner channel flange.

Then, I got the inner strap clamped into position.

Next, I started drilling, using a 12" 1/8" bit.

It took a while to do, slowly drilling, reclamping, measuring.

I finished half of the inner flange of the aft channels (so 1/8 of the flange drilling).

Looks good so far.

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