Monday April 26, 2021
Forward Deck Assembly (Forward Deck)
3.8 Hours

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I measured and drilled the engine cable support bracket to the center subpanel.

Then I drilled all of the holes within the subpanel assembly and clecoed it to the fuselage. Pictured here are the outer subpanels and the ribs in place.

I marked a center line on the top firewall flange.

I cleco'd the front skin in place and drilled it to the F-643-1 rib.

Then I drilled the skin to the firewall.

I put the instrument panel in place just to admire how it looked.

And then I couldn't help but get in and experience the cockpit feel.

Okay, back to work. I drilled the F-743B angle to the firewall and the F-643-1 rib.

Then I drilled the F-644-L and F-644-R to the subpanel and skin.

Here's a shot from the firewall looking up and aft, so you can see the F-644's and F-643-1 in place.

Finally, I drilled the F-721C angle to the instrument panel and F-721A canopy deck on both sides.

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