Thursday September 23, 2021
Aileron Trim Install (Center Fuselage)
3.0 Hours

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I drilled holes from the delrin and installed nutplates in the trim support plate.

Then I trimmed the steel piece per the plans and drilled a hole for the cotter pin.

I bolted the delrin block with the steel piece to the trim support plate and torqued the bolts.

Then I connected the trim motor to the assembly and secured it with cotter pins.

Then I bolted the whole thing into the center fuselage and clamped the motor in place.

Then I drilled and bolted the motor to the rib. This was a pain due to limited access.

Finally, I installed these little tabs on the bottom of the control sticks that will eventually connect via springs to the trim assembly.

I don't have the right gauge of safety wire to connect the trim system to the sticks, yet. Besides, I think it makes more sense to wait until the sticks are rigged to the ailerons to calibrate it all.

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