Friday September 24, 2021
Misc. Priming & Riveting, Installed Static Ports (Fuselage)
4.0 Hours

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Today was a lot of reviewing plans and doing little odd jobs that hadn't been done before.

I removed the F-665 pushrod from the control assembly and primed it. Should have done this before I installed it the first time.

I also primed the seatbelt anchors.

I also primed and riveted the F-709 bulkhead to the tail section.

I also riveted this rivet on each side that connects the F-902 bulkhead to the longeron. The instructions have you wait until you've drilled the subpanel, which I have done.

I spent a long time reviewing plans and thinking about whether I could rivet the F-704 bulkhead together in the upper corners where it's still cleco'd. I eventually decided not to do this yet, as it will make riveting the side/top skins easier.

Later, I installed the static ports I purchased forever ago from SafeAir1. First, I measured and drilled a 1/4" hole in the location specified by Van's.

The port sticks out slightly from the hole.

Then I measured and drilled three equally spaced #40 holes around the circumference.

From the inside.

Then I dimpled/countersunk and riveted the port in place.

Looks good.

I did the one on the left side as well.

Then I attached these quick-connect fittings for the plastic tubing.

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