Saturday September 25, 2021
Static Line Routing, Wiring Holes in F-706, Reinstalled Control Pushrod, Installed Brake Reservoir (Fuselage)
6.0 Hours

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After a quick run to the local hardware store for a cutter for the flexible plastic tubing, I started plumbing and routing the static lines. They come together in a T-fitting here in the aft fuselage, and then run forward on the L longeron. I made some clips and riveted them to the longeron.

I had to enlarge these holes in the bulkheads that I had slightly undersized for some reason. That done, I placed snap-bushings and routed the plastic through them.

I drilled a 1/4" hole through all of the layers of the F-705 bulkhead. This seems to be a common strategy among builders.

It will come out here, but will be obscured by the side rail.

Then I made a bunch more aluminum clips.

And used my pin punch to shape a bend.

I installed the clips along the forward longeron. All of these will be hidden by the side rail and canopy deck. I'll wait to finish running the static tubing until the top skins and side rails are riveted on for good.

I also painted and installed two clips in the baggage area.

I installed these adel clamps that hold the plastic sleeve through which the rudder cables pass as they exit the aft fuselage. Kind of a pain.

Although they're called out on the plans, I had not drilled these pass-throughs for electrical cables in the F-706, so I did that. Also a pain--I had to get in the fuselage and sorta lay down.

I reinstalled the small pushrod on the control sticks and calibrated its length again so the control sticks are parallel to each other.

I installed the brake reservoir on the firewall. I started by drilling the 1/2" hole for the fitting that passes into the cabin for connection to the cylinders on the rudder pedals.

Here's where it comes into the cabin.

Then I drilled the #12 holes through the firewall and aluminum angle. I installed and torqued the bolts. Kinda cool to have something installed on the firewall.

I spent some time deciding whether or not to rivet the F-6118 rudder pedal brace and the firewall recess. In the end, I'm going to hold off because I think it will make wiring easier.

I finished my quick look-through off all of the fuselage plans and added various things to my "to-do" list. Next up: install the NACA inlets for the cabin

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