Monday October 4, 2021
Started Left Wingtip Install (Wing Tips)
2.5 Hours

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I read a through Darwin Barrie's wingtip installation instructions from VAF and then took another look at my tips. I think I can make them work. The cracks can be sanded/filled and the warped areas can likely be smoothed with some heat and/or reinforcement. So, I got to work on the left wingtip. First, I needed to trim a bit of the tab that slides under the wing skin so it doesn't interfere with the outboard-most wing rib. I measured, taped a line with masking tape, and then trimmed with a cutoff wheel in my grinder.

The aileron (and flaps for good measure) need to be installed to align the tip properly. I hung both of them, which took a while. I also installed the aileron outboard pushrod and bellcrank (with the alignment tool Van's gives you).

I couldn't find the alignment tool I used last year, so I made a new one out of wood. I wasn't happy with it though--seemed a little too wiggly and crude.

So, I took a heavy aluminum straightedge and drilled some center-line holes through it in alignment with the tooling holes in the wing rib. I also marked a center-line at the very end.

This seemed much more accurate. I adjusted the bearings on the pushrod until it was exactly centered. Now I can clamp it in this position and use it to guide the wing tip installation.

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