Tuesday October 5, 2021
Left Wingtip Install, continued (Wing Tips)
1.0 Hours

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I started to test fit the tip to the wing. I sanded off anywhere it seemed like the fiberglass would touch the last wing rib.

I also trimmed off some of the aft part of the tip so it would clear the aileron and its bracket.

Then, following along with the guide I linked in my last post, I made a foam rib using the end of the wing as a template, then sanding the edge of the foam.

It will sit here in the tip when I drill it to the wing, to give it some form and strength. I can't quite fit the tip+foam in place on the wing, because of the warped flanges in the aft part of the tip. I think I should be able to reshape those areas with some heat, though, and then get it to fit.

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