Thursday September 14, 2006
VS Edge Prep, Dimpling, C'sinking (Vertical Stabilizer)
3.0 Hours

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This evening I edge prepped the VS skin and the VS rear spar doubler. Then I dimpled the skin, spars, ribs, and countersunk the lower part of the rear spar doubler. That forward side of the lower part of the rear spar and doubler sit flush against some part of the fuselage, apparently, and require flush rivets.

I did a side-by-side comparison of the Marhyde and SW GBP-988 self-etching primers. In my unscientific penny and finger nail scratching tests, the Marhyde actually clung more tenaciously than the GBP-988. Honestly, though, there wasn't a huge difference and I think either one will suffice.

I also wired the garage for cable TV last night. It's nice to have something to help pass the time while I'm doing these tedious tasks.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to prime all of the HS & VS parts.

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