Friday October 8, 2021
Left Wingtip Drilling, Rib (Wing Tips)
2.3 Hours

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Today, I unclamped all of the reinforcement strips and fit the tip back to the wing after heating it a bit to make it more pliable. Then I carefully drilled the tip using the prepunched holes in the wing skins.

Then, I carefully marked and trimmed the tip for a 1/4" gap to the aileron, the same as the aileron to the flap.

Then, I got out the wingtip rib and prepped all of the edges.

I carefully marked a centerline on the flanges of the rib and a corresponding line on the wing tip, both top and bottom. I marked holes about 1.5" apart along the line. I drilled the fore and aft holes through the wing tip. Then, I clamped the rib with the centerlines showing through those holes and drilled them for clecos.

Next I drilled the remaining holes through the wingtip into the rib.

Then I clecoed the tip to the wing with the rib in place to see how everything lines up. It's really close...the tip is a very little bit higher than the aileron in its neutral position. Also, the tip is a lot less warped with it clecoed to both the rib and the wing tip. I imagine that rivets into the rib and screws into the wing will pull it into even closer alignment.

Looks cool!

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