Sunday October 10, 2021
Left Wingtip Nutplates, Dimpling (Wing Tips)
3.0 Hours

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Today, I countersunk all of the holes in the tip for the nutplates and the screws. I dimpled the wingtip. Then I riveted all of the nutplates in place. I messed up and installed some #8 nutplates on part of the tip, so I had to drill those out and install the correct #6 nutplates.

I screwed the wingtip to the wing. There is a little pillowing between screws, so I may turn the edges of the wing skins down a bit. Screwing it together brings the tip into the least warped condition it has had to date. I will do some cycles of heat to see if I can release the remaining bits of warp.

I sanded the trailing edge of the tip just a bit to bring it into line with the aileron. Conveniently, this did not require removing very much material.

I also started sanding the gel coat where it had cracked on the surface of the tip--this will take a lot more work. I probably need to get a sanding disc for the handheld grinder.

I will also probably reinforce the tip in some areas once the remaining warp is relieved.

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