Saturday October 16, 2021
Finished Battery Box (Firewall)
4.0 Hours

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First, I rounded the corners of the battery bracket and deburred the lightening holes.

Then, I drilled and measured for the lightening holes on the box itself.

I made the first hole using an adjustable hole saw I had, but it quickly dulled and this took forever.

I ran to the hardware store and bought a better 2" hole saw and finished the rest of them.

Then, I dimpled the holes for the support brackets with flush side in the box.

I riveted the side support brackets to the box.

I drilled out a couple of firewall rivets that were in the way and then drilled #12 for the AN3 bolts that connect the box to the firewall and support angles inside.

I installed the nutplates on the box supports. Then I made the little spacers and bolted the top bracket to the rest of the assembly, to keep all of these parts together until I have a battery.

Finally, I bolted the box assembly to the firewall.

Lastly, I unpacked the Airflow Performance boost pump for the fuel injection fuel system I'll have on my engine. I think I'll work on installing this next.

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