Saturday October 23, 2021
Primed Boost Pump Cover, Prosealed NACA Ducts (Center Fuselage)
2.2 Hours

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My schedule at work the last week made it impossible to get out to the garage until today. I started by prepping and priming the boost pump cover and associated parts.

Then I painted the parts that will show in the cockpit.

Then I started installing the NACA inlets for cabin fresh air. I taped off the area of the skins where I wanted to scuff and prep for the proseal. I stripped off the paint with acetone and then scuffed the area.

I cut some small pieces of screen and rubber banded them to the inside duct on the NACA inlet. This is to prevent critters from nesting in there.

Then I mixed up the proseal (been a long time since I smelled that smell) and put a small bead around the inlet to attach the screen.

Then, I put down proseal on the skin and carefully taped the inlets in place.

I used some pieces of wood and clamps to provide some extra pressure.

I also spent some time playing with the wing tip and the styrofoam to see if I could smooth out the warped spots. The idea would be to then create fiberglass stiffeners while the styrofoam holds the shape, but I didn't have much luck.

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