Friday September 15, 2006
VS & HS Prep & Priming
(3.0 Hours Horizontal Stabilizer, 1.5 Hours Vertical Stabilizer)
4.5 Hours Total

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I spent large portions of this afternoon and evening prepping and priming all of the VS & HS components. I ended up doing full priming of all ribs, spars, stiffeners, and the VS doubler. Now that I have a good feel for how the process goes, I may try priming only the mating surfaces on the next sub assemblies.

There were several places on the insides of the skins where I'd scratched them, either with the C-frame while dimpling or with the ribs while clecoing them to the skeletons. I prepped and spot primed these areas.

Overall the primer seems to have laid up very nicely. I'm certainly pleased with the result. Tomorrow, I'm planning to start riveting the HS & VS.

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