Thursday January 6, 2022
Canopy Fitting (Canopy)
2.2 Hours

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This area of the subpanel was rubbing on the longeron and canopy deck. I had to take off the canopy frame and the front fuselage skin. I filed this spot down on both sides until it wasn't an issue anymore.

I reinstalled the front top fuselage skin and the canopy frame. Then, I installed the aft fuselage top skins and the roll bar in preparation for fitting the rest of the canopy frame.

I installed the aft and forward canopy decks on both sides with clecos from underneath and taped the top to protect them.

I taped the 1/8" spacers in place on the aft canopy decks and then laid the WD-725 side canopy weldments in place to check curve. They are both darn near perfect from the factory following the longeron curve.

This is the joint between the WD-725 side weldment and the WD-716 front canopy weldment. The instructions want me to smooth this area out by squeezing one of the bends in the WD-725 with a flat set in the rivet squeezer. I'm not sure exactly what they want me to do and the picture in the back of the chapter doesn't really help.

I decided to stop here and go do some digging online. It was too cold to be working in the garage anyway.

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