Tuesday January 11, 2022
Canopy Forward Skin Shrinking (Canopy)
1.5 Hours

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I spent some time today installing a new electric garage heater. Just need to install the 240V circuit and then it'll be keeping the garage toasty.

My shrinker came today, so I installed the C-702 and canopy frame back on the fuselage.

I marked the skin for how big the gap was between it and the forward fuselage top skin. This is how the right side started.

And the left... this gap doesn't look as impressive in the picture as it did in real life. It was nasty.

I tested the shrinker on some scrap to get the idea of how it works. It's cheap made-in-China crap, but it does the job okay.

The results were super impressive. It tightened up the gap very nicely. There are a couple of spots to tighten up a little more here, but not bad at all.

Similar on the right...just one spot to tighten up some more.

The shrinker scratches the skin to hell, but I'll buff it out and prime it.

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