Thursday January 13, 2022
Canopy Misc (Canopy)
1.0 Hours

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I got my new electric heater installed and wired up over the last few days. I finished the 240V circuit today and tested it out. It's very effective. It will be nice not to mess with the propane heater anymore.

I applied some UHMW tape to the inside surfaces of the latch angles and cut them carefully to size. Then I installed the latch mechanism on the fuselage side skin. I had to do a little more filing to get completely smooth motion, but it works well.

I installed rivets in these holes on the right side.

And I riveted these brackets on the left side that hinge part of the latch mechanism. I was able to squeeze all but 1 of these that I had to buck. I also put some UHMW tape on the inside surfaces where another piece will rotate.

I also finished painting a few of the items from yesterday.

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