Saturday February 19, 2022
More Canopy Front Deck Fitting (Canopy)
2.5 Hours

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Today I decided to work again on the gap between the front canopy deck and the front fuselage skin. First, I cut, drilled, and dimpled a spacer to go between the rib and the front fuselage skin to push it out more to match the canopy skin. This was quite successful. I did have to unshrink a little bit of the canopy skin to match it, though.

Then I worked on sanding and polishing out the die marks from the shrinker.

Then, I prepped and primed that strip of skin and installed a strip of UHMW tape per the plans.

Then I installed it back on the fuselage. There was one area on the left side that wasn't quite right, so I pulled it back off, removed the tape, shrunk it a bit, re-sanded, re-primed, and put more tape in place. Now it looks pretty good. Any of the remaining imperfections in the joint can be smoothed out with a little bit of filler.

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