Sunday February 27, 2022
Canopy Fitting (Canopy)
2.5 Hours

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I got a new air grinder and finished trimming the clamp marks from the plexiglass.

I kept it warm (80s) in the shop again to help prevent cracks.

Then, I set the canopy in place on the fuselage to check fit. This looks cool!

Another view from the front.

There was still a significant part of the flange at the front that doesn't match the angle of the rest of the windscreen, so I marked it.

And then taped it and trimmed the excess.

The fit is really pretty good at the front. There is a bit of a gap in the center that didn't want to sit flush with the top skin, but it's very close. Just a small amount of pressure from the top pushed this down flush.

I took it off and trimmed the front a few times and got it a little closer, but I will leave the rest for after the "big cut."

Next I taped the plexi tightly in place and marked a cut line from the centerline on the roll bar.

Then I applied masking tape on both sides of the line to give me a nice straight guide for the cut.

I supported the canopy from underneath with boxes, cushions, and a couple of sleeping bags. This takes all of the stress off of the sides during the cut.

I'll take another look at it tomorrow and then make the big cut. This plexiglass work hasn't been that bad, really. Just get the shop hot and take your time and it's straightforward.

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