Sunday May 22, 2022
Canopy Handle, Fit (Canopy)
2.2 Hours

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I sanded off the aluminum putty on the canopy deck. Looks good and very tough.

Same with the holes I filled.

I drilled the hole for the cotter pin on the canopy handle. I also primed the inside of the steel tube to protect against corrosion. Then I bolted the whole thing in place.

You can use it to keep the canopy cracked open slightly. You can see the screws are a bit short--I ordered longer ones.

And its primary purpose is to serve as a backup lock when the canopy is closed.

I also bolted the lugs to the canopy on both sides.

I then spent at least an hour tweaking the fit and the ease of latching. Bolting these slightly moved them, I guess.

Then I installed the aft window so I can work on the canopy to window gap.

I discovered that the optional backing strips I had fabricated to protect the inside of the rear window from the nuts on the skin to plexi screws are all misaligned because I drilled them with the skin flat. The curvature of the skin and the thickness of the plexiglass means the holes are too far apart. I'll probably re-do them.

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