Tuesday September 19, 2006
VS Finished! (Vertical Stabilizer)
2.0 Hours

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I had called Avery Tools and Bob suggested that I adjust the safety on the bottom of the pneumatic squeezer so that the trigger wouldn't have to be lifted up so far. I bought a set of allen wrenches and did just that. It did the trick and the no-hole thin-nose yoke worked great.

During lunch I squeezed all of the rivets along the VS rear spar except for the two right near the center hinge bracket.

I made a mistake yesterday and riveted the empennage fairing attach holes on the VS, so I also spent some time today drilling those out.

After work, I riveted the hard-to-squeeze spots in the top VS nose rib and the four rivets around the center hinge bracket. The VS is done! It feels great to be done with my first sub-assembly.

Once I get some help shooting/bucking the rest of the interior rivets in the HS, I'll be able to wrap that up quickly, too. In the meantime, I'll probably work on the rudder.

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