Sunday June 5, 2022
Front Canopy Molding (Canopy)
2.8 Hours

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First thing today I removed the aft window, attached the backing strips temporarily to keep track of which is which, removed all of the masking tape where it was touching the plexi, covered the edges, and put it in storage in the basement.

Next up is doing the molding strip on the front of the canopy. First, I laid down some electrical tape to mark the edges of the strip.

Then, I sanded the exposed skin and plexiglass, cleaned them with soapy water, and then weighed down the canopy with some bags of rocks to close a few small gaps.

Then, I mixed up a batch of epoxy with microballoons and some black pigment to fill the little gap between the plexi and the skin.

I'll let that cure, and then sand it down.

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