Saturday June 11, 2022
Laid Up the Front Canopy Molding (Canopy)
3.5 Hours

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First thing I did today was to sand off the extra filler I had put between the plexi and the metal.

I was looking at these "ears" on the canopy forward skin that come up around the plexi. I didn't like how they had a bit of a gap at the top that would be very difficult to fix.

So, I trimmed the ears down.

This way, I can feather the joint out with more epoxy filler later.

I made myself a tool with the suggested 4" radius to gauge the layup as I am doing it.

Then, I laid down a layer of fiberglass with dark pigment per the Van's video on the RV-14 molding. This way, it will appear dark from the inside.

Once that started to set up a bit (didn't take long cause it was hot today), I started to lay up additional layers of fiberglass, starting with 1/2" and increasing by 1/4" on each layer. I wet each layer with clear epoxy as I put it down.

I stopped taking pictures from this point on because it was such a sticky mess. There were a few times I added layers in a few places, but pretty much stuck to the method described above. Then I wet it all down with a heavy coat of epoxy and applied peal ply to the top.

It came out fairly good, but there is still a lot of sanding in my future!

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