Sunday July 17, 2022
Paint Stripping (Interior Painting)
2.0 Hours

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Today I started stripping paint from the removable pieces. This is time consuming, as you might imagine. Part way through the process I started wondering what the actual savings of stripping the paint was rather than just applying a coat of the dark grey on top of the existing paint.

I took a piece of scrap aluminum 12x4" (0.33333 sq ft) and weighed it.

Then I applied a covering coat of the dark gray paint (to simulate covering the existing paint) and re-weighed it.

It comes out to 0.09 oz per square foot with the paint still wet. Obviously there's a pretty big error margin using my crappy scale, but it gives me an idea. I'll weigh again tomorrow once the paint dries.

I roughly calculated about 50 square feet of painted surface in the plane interior. That would make one coat of the dark gray paint weigh a little less than 1/3 of a pound with the paint wet. Could be less once it dries. It might be worth it to skip the stripping step...

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