Saturday July 30, 2022
Canopy Fans (Canopy)
1.9 Hours

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I ordered these Noctua 60mm computer case fans a while back. Here's the general layout I was aiming for.

I covered the fan (brown) part with paper and painted them black.

I bought some hole punches and used those to create these holes. Nice and clean. I drilled #19 holes in the corners for screws.

I also found some fan covers for these. They go in the hole first and actually stick through it slightly.

Then the fan sits on top of them.

I had to grind down the sides of the fan a bit to make space for the nut on the screw. There is a little bit of a gap on the sides that I will probably cover with some tinted epoxy.

Looks pretty good.

I touched up the paint on the canopy skin and the fans and then called it a day.

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