Monday August 8, 2022
Interior Parts Painting, Empennage Fairing Sanding
(0.9 Hours Empennage, 0.5 Hours Interior Painting)
1.5 Hours Total

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Tonight I repainted some additional parts that I had stripped, including the seat backs. A couple of these parts (like the housing for the high pressure fuel pump and part of the forward tunnel) will be under carpet covers, so I only primed them.

After that, I spent another hour or so sanding on the empennage fairing. I made a lot of work for myself on it.

I recently put in my order to Classic Aero for seats, carpet for the foot area, and armrests. I am not going full side/baggage panels to save on weight. The lead time on this stuff is pretty long, though, so I don't expect to see them for a while.

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