Sunday October 1, 2006
Priming Stiffeners & HS Riveting
(3.0 Hours Horizontal Stabilizer, 1.5 Hours Rudder)
4.5 Hours Total

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This afternoon I dimpled, prepped, and primed all of the rudder stiffeners. My standard priming process is to scuff the surfaces with the Scotchbrite hand pads, clean with water and soap, wipe down with lacquer thinner, and then spray on the primer after everything has dried. It seems to work sufficiently well.

When I get a chance to work on the rudder again, I'll be back-riveting the stiffeners to the rudder skins.

In the evening, my Dad came over and we shot all of the interior rivets on the right-hand side of the horizontal stabilizer. I also squeezed the 8 rear spar to HS skeleton rivets.

The next step will be to squeeze the remaining skin to skeleton rivets (the holes with clecoes in them from the picture).

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