Thursday October 12, 2006
Rudder Issues (Rudder)

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Well, I've accomplished a sum total of nothing since the last update. The oil canning in my rudder skins is very pronounced and I'm holding off until I can figure out what to do about them.

I called Van's about the problem and here was their response:

  • They haven't heard about this being a typical issue for builders.
  • It definitely shouldn't be doing this.
  • They weren't sure what I could have done to cause it or what I could do to fix it.
  • Their advice was to finish the rudder and see if the problem cleared up after riveting.

I'm quite worried about this problem and don't feel like wasting time finishing the rudder if I'm going to have to do it over again. I called up a local EAA Technical Counselor, who turned out to be very friendly. He's going to come over a week from today to take a look at what I've done so far and see if he can help me out.

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