Monday October 23, 2006
Rudder Work (Rudder)
3.0 Hours

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I haven't been very motivated to work on the plane lately, what with the silly Rudder oil-canning problem.

I spent some time trying to straighten the rudder skin stiffeners out. They're better now, but I couldn't see any improvement with the oil-canning once the rudder was assembled again. I decided not to worry about the problem for now. If the Rudder turns out terribly, I can always make a new one.

I fabricated the lower fairing attach strips, drilled them to the lower rib and skins, finished final-drilling any remaining holes, and then disassembled everything for prep and priming..

All of the parts have now had their initial deburring with the bench grinder or die grinder (as applicable). Next: final polishing with Emery cloth, dimpling, and priming.

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