Monday July 10, 2006
More Workshop (Shop Setup)

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My dad and I replaced the main power outlet in the garage with a brand new plug and also wired a plug on the ceiling off of the light switch to power my new flourescent fixtures.

I also cleaned the shop up a bit. It's a bit sad that it'll be over a month and a half until I'm able to start on the plane for real. This place looks nearly ready to go!

I still have a bunch of stuff to do in here to keep myself busy, though.

  • Add a few more flourescent fixtures and clean up their wiring.
  • Locate the air compressor semi-permanently, get a moisture filter and in-line oil lubricator, and route some air hoses to places that make sense.
  • Get some peg board for hanging tools.
  • Build a third workbench out of the left over 3x4' pieces of MDF and plywood. I think I'd use this extra bench for mounting the drill press and bench grinder.
  • Several other things that have slipped my mind at the moment...

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