Saturday December 23, 2006
Christmas (Miscellaneous)

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It's Christmas time and that means I haven't had time to work in the shop. For the last few days, I haven't even been physically present at my house. We get back home tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the rudder trailing edge riveted during this next week.

The pro-seal seemed to be cured and I unclecoed the rudder trailing edge from the aluminum angle that was holding it straight. I checked it for straightness with my square and it looks really good. The trick is to keep it straight during the riveting process.

I spent a few minutes in the shop on Tuesday or Wednesday trying to position the rudder for riveting. I shimmed the back riveting plate up to the height of some plywood sheets I had and laid everything out on that. Unfortunately, the plywood wasn't flat enough and the rudder did not sit flush with the steel plate along the trailing edge. I'm going to try cutting some wood blocks and propping up the rudder in a few spots.

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