Monday January 15, 2007
Left Elevator Dimpling (Left Elevator)
3.0 Hours

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I removed plastic from the servo motor stiffener and access plate, and melted the plastic off of rivet lines on the actual elevator. I also deburred the edges of the trim servo stiffener cutout in the elevator skin itself.

All of the left elevator stiffeners are now dimpled...

I also dimpled the servo motor stiffener and access plate for the #6 screws as well as the normal AN426-AD3 rivet holes that will attach the stiffener to the skin. Unfortunately, the access plate is not sitting flush against the stiffener. The #6 screw hole dimples on the stiffener aren't deep enough, apparently, and keep the access plate pushed out a bit.

Here you see the small gap.

I posted to the VAF boards about the problem and got a few tips. I'll see how they work out later.

For kicks, I clecoed the whole thing together on the skin to see how it looks.

The trim tab servo motor sits on a pair of Z-brackets right in this spot with its actuator sticking out through that hole.

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