Wednesday January 24, 2007
Right Elevator Drilling (Right Elevator)
3.0 Hours

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Tonight, I clecoed the right elevator together and drilled out all of the holes.

Here, you see where the control horn attaches to the elevator. As a result, the rib has to attach to the spar with four flush head AN426-AD3 rivets so they don't interfere with the control horn.

I countersunk the counterweight where the two flush head screws will pass through.

And dimpled the counterweight skin.

I also countersunk the four holes for the AN426 rivets that will sit behind the control horn. I had to do the two outside holes with my hand deburring tool, since my microstop countersink cage wouldn't fit in that space.

I finished the evening by beveling the edges of the counterweight skin where it passes under the elevator skin. This helps smooth the transition of the skin as it passes over. It took a while to get it filed down and then smoothed out.

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