Thursday January 25, 2007
Right Elevator Deburring, Dimpling (Right Elevator)
4.0 Hours

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I don't have anything particularly interesting to report tonight.

I started prepping the right elevator for riveting by deburring all holes, deburring and smoothing edges, and dimpling. I take my time while prepping the edges.

While dimpling one of the elevator ribs, I wasn't very careful and poked an extra hole right next to the rivet hole.

So, I tossed that rib, grabbed the other rib (the one destined for the left elevator), flanged it, fluted it, edge prepped it, clecoed the whole right rudder together again, redrilled for the new rib, disassembled, and redimpled it. Now I need to order a new E-703 rib from Vans for the left elevator.

Here's some other random dimpled stuff.

All of the right elevator parts are now ready to prep and prime now.

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