Sunday January 28, 2007
Right Elevator Priming (Right Elevator)
2.0 Hours

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Over night, we were dumped with over a foot of snow and I spent a good deal of my day shoveling.

Last night, I started out by finishing the right elevator skin edges. I was just about finished, when I noticed a nasty dent in the inboard aft corner. While trying to bend it back into shape, I cracked the trailing edge radius right at the edge. So, thoroughly pissed off at myself, I drilled out the crack, snipped off a bit of excess skin, and sanded down the new edge. I think this new corner shape should be OK, but I'm going to check with Vans to be sure before I try to fly with it.

I drew lines on this next picture to show you where the skin used to be.

Then, I prepped and primed most of the skeleton pieces.

This morning, getting ready to rivet, I realized that I hadn't primed the spar. Oops. I prepped and primed it; it's drying as I write this.

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